Are you married or engaged? Our guest blogger has written some great tips on cooking with your current or future spouse and why it is so important for keeping your spark alive!

cooking for your spouse

When you’ve been married for a long time, small thoughtful gestures on a regular basis can really help to keep the spark alive and show your spouse you care. It’s so easy to fall into a rut and forget to remind the one that you love that you appreciate them, and it’s a shame as you don’t necessarily need to do anything grand or extravagant. Something as simple as setting time aside each week to enjoy a meal together just the two of you can be enough, cooking for someone is always going to be thoughtful and appreciated. If you’re looking to set up a romantic meal, here are some things to consider.  

Set the Scene Before Cooking for Your Spouse

First things first you’ll want to set the scene. Make sure the room you’re going to be sitting in is clean and tidy. Lay the table, soften the lights and consider adding some candles (nonscented are best in this case). You might want to play some soft music in the background, and turn off the blare of the tv. 

Think About the Courses

Next thing is to think about the sort of food you’re going to serve. If you want to go with multiple courses then making sure that they all work together is important. Maybe you could cook their favorite meal or recreate what you had on your first date. Alternatively, you could try something new, with so many recipes online you’ll be spoiled for choice. Certain dishes and ingredients are known for being extra romantic, such as pasta (Italy is known for its romance!) steak, or fresh seafood. This calamari recipe from The Mediterranean Dish is a fresh and vibrant one that would work perfectly for a romantic meal for two. If you’re serving dessert, these kinds of things can often be prepared ahead of time giving you less to do on the day so you can enjoy your cooking process without getting flustered. 

Find the Right Drink Pairing

Finally, serving the right drinks with the food can really help to finish everything off nicely. You don’t need to rule this step out if you’re a non-drinker, if you don’t drink alcohol, you could always pair it with soft drinks such as mocktails, juices, and sparkling drinks.

cooking for your spouse

Taking the time every now and again to cook a nice meal for your other half will always be well received. It doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, just spend a little time planning beforehand and everything will come together perfectly. It could be a once in a while treat, or a regular way for you to connect with your spouse.

Are you cooking regularly for your spouse?

Why Cooking For Your Spouse is Good For Your Marriage