You: Keelie, I feel overwhelmed in life. What should I do?

Me: Buy a doughnut. Eat it.

You: It’s not as cut and dry as that, Keelie. I need real answers. I need real systems of how to get organized and what to do to keep myself from going crazy. I need game plans and courses of action.

Me: Oh…I hear you…I do. Still. Eat a doughnut.

You: Clearly, you don’t have any idea how stressed out I am right now.

Me: I absolutely know how stressed out you are right now, which is why I’m telling you to eat a doughnut.

You: Why?

Me: Because, the only way you can stop feeling overwhelmed is to take a chill pill…in the form of a doughnut. You see, I love doughnuts, and when I sit down to eat one, I want to savor it and enjoy it. In those quiet moments of savoring the flavors, I’m able to be still.

The Bible says in Psalm 46:10a, “Be still and know that I am God.” That verse reminds me that there is nothing going on in life that is bigger than God. I just have to be still and remember that.

Quieting yourself in the midst of an overwhelming time is the only way to truly survive it. Sure- you can start whipping out chore charts and putting together to-do lists. You can buy 15 books on how to organize your life and get things under control…but until you have centered yourself, that stuff is not going to help you.

In the midst of overwhelm- be still. Remember who God is. Eat a doughnut.

What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed in Life- Eat a Doughnut
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