One year, I planted a flower garden in our side yard. It’s the only year I was able to make the flowers truly grow. But, I love fresh flowers and find them very romantic. I invited Ann Sanders to share with us her tips to add romance to your garden.

Here’s what she has to say-

Did you know that your flower spot can serve as the best romantic recreational spot to spend some quality time with your better half? With a little bit of planning and decoration, you can turn your ordinary garden into a super romantic hub.

Apart from being the favorite family spot, it will also serve as a secret hideout for you and your spouse.

Here are tips to add romance to your garden:

1. Proper planning

The first thing that matters, in this case, is the size of your area. Whether you have a large area or a small piece of greenery, proper planning can bring out more space than you could have ever imagined.

First, you need to divide the area into zones to make out the perfect place for your romantic hideout.  Even the most abandoned and ignored corner can be super useful if you put some proper hard work into it.

2. Build an Arch

Love itself is classic and clichéd. Therefore, there is no harm in giving the garden hideout a little bit of classic look to add to its magic. Arches are wonderful props in such a case. To give your romantic hub the essence of elegance, you can place a number of antique arches to make the gateway to your garden.

Cover it with some vines to perfect the look. It will give you the antique look of a gateway to a magical land. Add some willows around to separate the place from the rest of the garden.

3. Hang a Romantic Swing

There is no better place than a long swing under the open sky to have a peaceful drink with your significant other. You can place a swing in the middle of the garden and have a shady canopy made with vines.

Structure them to look like a chandelier to add more elegance and class. You can put some cushions on the swing to make it more comfortable and some twinkling lights in the vine canopy to add to its magical quotient.

4. Create a Place to Eat

Eating your greens is important but eating in the greens can be very interesting too. Can you not make out enough time to take your wife to eat out often? No issues. You can solve that by making a romantic dining area in the garden.

Just put four iron pillar-like structures aside from the area and cover them with vines with flowers of bold colors. You will have your separate room for eating “out” there. Put a center table, some candles, twinkling lights, and voila! You have your own stop for a romantic date.

5. Have a Shady Spot

How long has it been since you and your partner enjoyed a long walk? Well, you can make it a regular thing by getting along and beautiful corridor inside your flower spot. If you have space, then you might be able to add a corridor.

Put arches alongside, making it the perfect corridor for long, romantic walks. Cover it with vines so that they are connected with each other. Put arbors on both sides to fetch out the pathway in the middle. You can put an oscillating sprinkler on both sides to keep the garden-fresh and beautiful.

Even on hot and sunny days, with the shade of the corridor and the cooling sprinkler, you will be able to take long and romantic walks.

Do not forget to fill your garden with flowers as there is nothing better than colorful and vibrant blooms to add romance to your garden. Roses, Peonies, Camellias, tulips, and more will beautify the charm of your romantic adobe and make it enchanting and fragrant.

These are great ways to add romance to your garden.

Ways to Add Romance to Your Garden
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