Do you know someone that’s getting married? If so, check out some of the gifts that our guest suggests below.

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When friends, family or loved ones announce they’re getting married, you’ll want to get them the perfect gift to celebrate. With so many options available, it can be tricky to choose just one. With some innovative thinking, however, you can find the ideal present for the happy couple. 

Wedding Planner

Many couples are keen to start planning their nuptials as soon as their engagement has been announced, so what better to get them than a wedding planner?

With handy sections to prompt ideas, and useful tips to help plan the perfect event, brides and grooms-to-be will make use of a wedding planner right up until their big day, and they’re perfect to keep as a wedding memento too.


A piece of art can be the ideal way to celebrate an engagement, and it’s something the couple can keep forever. Whether you opt for a classic print, a modern watercolor, or a personalized design, your choice can be as unique as the couple themselves.

With an array of personalized options available, you can choose to include happy couple’s names and date of engagement, or opt for a more subtle approach and choose artwork that depicts where they met or where they got engaged.

Photo Boxes and Frames

Using photographs of the happy couple to create your gift ensures it will be utterly unique and entirely memorable. Choose a classic photo box design, and the newlyweds can store keepsakes from their big day inside, or opt for a stunning frame that can adorn their new home.

Photo frames and boxes are ideal for any couple, but they can be a particularly special option for blended families. With the opportunity to include photos of children and stepchildren, a photo box or frame really can be an engagement gift for the whole family.

Wedding Subscriptions

The wedding industry is booming, and there are a number of companies that offer subscriptions to their services. With the right subscription, the bride or groom-to-be can plan their big day and get access to unique deals, offers, and perks.

Many wedding subscriptions include days out to see potential venues, trial tasting days for menu planning, and even free attendance to major wedding events. 

Personalized Recipe Book

If you’re looking for a quirky, personalized gift, a recipe book might be the ideal option. You can include recipes from both sides of the family, as well as friends and wedding guests too.

Bringing together secret family recipes and much-loved classic meals, a personalized recipe book is a useful gift for any new couple, but it will remind them of many happy memories too.

Fresh Flowers

When a new engagement is announced, there’s nothing better than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Delivered to home or workplace, you can ensure your gift gets to the happy couple straight away, and you can even include special extras.

With the option to add champagne, candles, vases, and chocolate, you can send Fig & Bloom plants and flowers and create a bespoke engagement gift package. If the couple has favorite colors or flowers that remind them of a certain location, make it special by sending them something personal.

Experience Days

When wedding planning gets a bit too much, it can be nice for brides and grooms-to-be to escape the stress and do something different. An experience day provides the perfect opportunity to try something new, and there’s plenty on offer.

Whether they pick a high-speed day at the race track, an outdoor adventure, or a trip in a hot air balloon, the happy couple won’t forget your engagement present in a hurry.

Photo Shoot

As well as having a professional photographer and videographer at the wedding, many couples love to have some professional engagement shots taken too. These are often more informal than the photos taken on their big day, and they allow couples to be more creative and innovative.

Book a surprise photoshoot for the happy couple or gift them vouchers for an engagement shoot, and you’ll be giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Ring Boxes

With custom options available, you can opt for personalized ring boxes or a classic design, both of which are sure to feature prominently on the big day. Every couple needs somewhere to keep the rings safe, both before the wedding and on the day itself.

A thoughtful and original gift, custom ring boxes will be treasured forever, and they’ll ensure the rings are where they need to be when the moment arrives!

Wedding Countdown

Available in a range of styles, you can remind a couple of how long they’ve got until the wedding with a funny, sentimental or modern wedding countdown. Let the anticipation for the big day build, as they tick off the days with a personalized wedding countdown. 

Hanging Decorations

When you select decorations for a newly-engaged couple, you’re ensuring they will have something to treasure for years to come. With so many options available, you can choose something to match their tastes and personalities, as well as something which will look stunning in their home.

Personalized signs, wicker hearts, and even Christmas baubles ensure happy couples will look back on their engagement every day.

Plants or Seeds

A fantastic gift for couples, gifting plants or seeds ensures they have something which will grow alongside their relationship. If the happy couple already shares a home and has a garden, you could opt for an outdoor plant that will flourish in years to come.

Alternatively, choose something which can thrive indoors, so the new couple can take it with them wherever they live in the future.

Candy, Cakes, and Treats

Planning a wedding can be hard work, so what better than a box of luxury treats to enjoy? Choose the couple’s favorite selections and have a box of candy, cakes, or chocolates delivered to them.

With many bakeries offering a range of custom options, you can even add the happy couple’s name, if you want to personalize your gift.

Unique Engagement Gifts to Give the Couple
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