I love gardens and beautiful flowers. When we lived in NC, it was impossible to have them in the yard, because of all of the sand. Now that we are in Texas, it’s been easier to keep plants alive. I even grew a vegetable garden this year and plan to try again in the spring.

There’s something that is simply romantic about fresh flowers. I invited Jennifer Dawson on today to share some of her ideas of how you can turn your garden into a romantic oasis.

Here’s what she has to say-

It is very easy to add a little charm and romance to your garden. By making a few adjustments you can quickly create a secluded oasis that is the perfect location for a date night – and the DIY process of setting up the garden can be a fun bonding event in itself.

From creating hidden spaces to planting gorgeous flowers, there are lots of ways to add some romance to your garden. Here are four ways to turn your garden into a romantic oasis.

Invest in a stunning water feature

water fountain in the garden

A beautiful outdoor fountain will add elegance to your garden, making it easier for you to create a romantic spot where you and your partner can relax and talk. The sound of bubbling water will also create a peaceful vibe that is perfect for date night! Water can create an energizing environment. This is just what couples need to enjoy each other’s company.

Create hidden spaces

If you have a fairly large garden you can create romantic hidden spaces for you and your partner using arches, fences, and bushes. This can be particularly useful if you have an open garden that neighbors or other people on the street can see into – after all, no one wants to have an audience for their romantic garden date.

Fences are a popular way to create hidden spaces, but bushes tend to look better and they come with one extra benefit; they can help to reduce noise, making the garden even more like a secret haven that is far away from the rest of the world.

Add Beauty With More Flowers

One of the cheapest ways to make your garden more romantic is by planting flowers. There are lots of beautiful flowers that will make your garden look (and smell) better. It is important to note that some flowers are much easier to look after than others.

If you don’t have much experience with gardening and flowers, you can go for easy to care for options like pansies and lavender. Both are hardy plants that require very little care or attention!

Prepare For The Evenings

If you envisage night time dates with your partner, you will need to set up some lighting so that you can actually see each other. Candles are very beautiful but they can blow out easily, so most people tend to go for garden light fixtures. This is still a very affordable option as most garden lights only cost around $75.

There are lots of ways to transform your garden from a patch of grass to a romantic oasis that is perfect for date night. After all, your garden is the perfect place for a first date. It is right next to your house and there is free entry.

How to Turn Your Garden into a Romantic Oasis
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