We live in a culture of customization. Every little thing we do nowadays can be tweaked in subtle ways to put our own style on it. Your wedding is a prime time to put the style, values, and personality of you and your new spouse on display. Today, we’ve invited Maggie Roberts to share with us some ideas on making your wedding a little more unique.

Are you looking to make your wedding everything you had hoped it would be and more? Do you want to do your best to ensure your wedding isn’t too ‘typical’ or run-of-the-mill? Do you want to be sure the day has a uniqueness about it that speaks to you and your significant other and really shows off your style?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then there’s a good chance that you’ll appreciate these three romantic and unique wedding touches that you can incorporate into your special day.

Start with the Invitations

No matter what style of wedding you plan on having, one thing that every wedding has in common is that you need to send out invitations to your guests. Your invitations act as your first opportunity to really show off your style and to do something unique. Even a standard invitation can be jazzed up with some extra details such as custom wedding address labels that just add that unique touch, or even by adding embellishments to the invitation itself such as gluing on glitter or sequins.

The invitation shouldn’t just be seen as a necessity in the planning process, rather it is a chance to show all your guests what they can expect on the big day.

Pick a Guest Favor They Will Actually Want

How many times have you found yourself sitting at a guest table at a friend or relative’s wedding staring at the favor and asking yourself “what am I going to do with that”? Rather than give your guests the standard and traditional favors that end up being tossed out once they get home, why not give them something that is useful or that they would actually want?

Some great examples include a tasty snack such as gourmet chocolates or a specially decorated cupcake; shot glasses; bath and beauty products like lip balm, bath salts, or a rollerball of essential oils; a personalized water bottle; a small succulent plant; or even sunglasses. This is the time you want to go ahead and think outside the box and put yourself in their shoes.

Create a Twist on the Traditional Guest Book

If you’ve been thinking you want to have a guest book as a memory you can cherish, but you don’t want to bore people with the standard type, then why not put a spin on it? Rather than an actual book that people sign, you can leave a couple of disposable cameras on the table and have guests snap a shot of themselves, or you can use an instant camera so that they can then write a message on the back of the photo.

Other ideas include a photo of you and your significant other and having it framed with a large wide matting so that guests can sign the perimeter, leaving out blank coasters that guests can sign, or maybe setting out empty wine bottles so they can create a ‘message in a bottle’.

Each of these special touches will help you to make your day all the more unique and romantic.

Three Romantic and Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Day
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