Simple Snowman Gift Idea

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Last week I needed a last-minute gift for the volunteers at the food pantry. I decided to give each volunteer a package of hot chocolate. To make the presentation a bit more fun, I made a simple snowman wrap.

How to Make a Snowman Wrap For Snacks

This project requires a piece of white paper, orange and black markers, black construction paper, and ribbon. You can wrap this paper around a pack of unpopped popcorn, hot chocolate, or anything flat.

Last Minute Gifts

snowman snack wrapping

Start by placing the snack in the center of the paper. Then pull both sides to the center and place a piece of tape to hold the pieces together. Put another piece of tape at the bottom to keep the snack from falling out.

snowman face

Once you flip over the package, make an orange nose, two black eyes, and a dotted mouth. I made a small black hat for my snowmen. You can make something much larger than that if you choose. I had to make so many, I went with a smaller hat.

I tied a ribbon around the top to close it up. My ribbon had Christmas tags on the end that I used to write who the gift was from.

This is a great last-minute gift idea. If you need something for teachers, classmates, or office staff, this would be a quick idea. I was able to make up 35 of these in about an hour. It didn’t take that long to accomplish.

Good luck if you choose to make this.

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