Ever since I went to a rustic theme wedding, I fell in love with the style. For the last several months, I’ve been stashing away anything and everything that I thought could be used to create a rustic theme living room. There are so many reasons that I love this style. Probably the biggest thing that I like is that this look can be turned country, elegant, casual, or whatever style you want it to be. Personally, I enjoy the elegant rustic style the most, which is the style at the wedding I attended.

rustic d├ęcor for living room

What is a Rustic Style Living Room:

I think the definition of what this look entails really depends on the individual. That could be why I enjoy it so much. You can add your own personal flair to make the style your own. I’ve yet to see the rustic look have a true defined set of items you need to make the theme. The thought behind this style is to incorporate items found in a barn or country setting with other styles to create the look you are going for.

What do I Need to Create a Rustic Style:

Generally, this theme includes country decor type of items such as: mason jars, wicker baskets, straw,  and wooden picture frames to name a few. Then you take another style element to create the type of rustic style you want to make. For an elegant look, adding in strands of white lights and paper lanterns is very popular. For a more country look to the rustic style, you can add in barnyard animals or American flag themes. One of the neatest things about this look is that you can incorporate things you already own or have lying around in the shed.

How I Created My Look:

I started stashing away all kinds of things I found for my rustic home decor look. One day, while out in the shed, I found a cut 2×4 piece of wood next to the shed window that was about a foot and half in length. I planned to write a word on that board when it was time for me to make the look. At Christmas, I found a few boxes of white lights that I already had run across the top of my fireplace. At the end of fall, I found fake burgundy colored Hydrangea flowers on clearance. Hydrangeas are very popular in the rustic look. During a clothing and junk swap, I found a box of orange colored potpourri that was full of pieces of chipped wood and dried nuts and flowers. Those are just a few of the things that I was putting aside to make this look. The thing that caused me to springboard into feeling I had enough to decorate was when I read this trick on LifeTricks.com.


When I saw this idea, I knew I had enough to make my rustic look. My husband collects old glass soda bottles. He recently brought these bottles home from his office, and we had not found anything to do with them yet. One night, we dug through all of his bottles and found several that would work to create the look I wanted to make.

Simple DIY Bottle Lights


I took the bottles and started pushing the lights one at a time through the neck. I did wonder if they were going to fit, but it managed to work out just fine.

Then I decided to put them in a basket. Mainly I was afraid of them falling over on the fire  place an being broken. I put some of the potpourri in the basket with the bottles to add a little of my own flair to the mix. Under the bottles is a lot of wadded up newspaper and a piece of yellow material on top to cover the paper.


I thought it all turned out very nicely. The rustic theme living room was a success. Here you can see how I decorated the fireplace in full.

DIY Rustic Decor For the Living Room
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