I have one of those kids, you know, the kind that catches every creepy crawly thing he can get his hands on. Do you have a child like that? They are completely fascinated with our world and all of the creatures that God put in it. I’m so happy that I have boys that want to learn about the world and enjoy playing in it. This past summer has presented us with a wealth of bugs, reptiles and slithering things.

Encouraging the Learning

Ever since my boys were young, I’ve encouraged them to learn and explore. My oldest son has had to be taught to have the boldness and confidence to explore. My middle child is the one we have to hold back from exploring dangerous areas. My third boy is a beautiful blend of the two older ones. He is confident, yet reserved at the same time.

I think that the best thing we can do as parents is facilitate an environment that allows our children to gain new understandings. Don’t get me wrong here, I do not have some kind of well thought out plan that spurs them to learn. However, I just make it possible for them and encourage them along. Instead of hovering over them and teaching them what I want them to learn, I allow them to ask the questions about things they curious about. Of course, there are times of instruction they do not necessarily ask for or even want. Whenever possible, though, I let them have a relaxed environment where they can decide what they want to learn about.

The Responsibility of Learning 

So many parents think that it is their job to make certain each one of their children has learned what needs to be learned. While parents are responsible for teaching, it isn’t their job to do the learning. Children need to be taught to take education and understanding into their own hands. It is your child’s responsibility to gain knowledge. At the end of the day, no one can learn for them. That is why the best thing for parents to do is create an environment in which a child can gain knowledge and then teach them it is their responsibility. This is a counter cultural idea in our society, since so many parents have been convinced that it is their’s or the teacher’s job to do the learning for their kids.

When you allow your children to be curious and determine things they learn more about, they will develop a mind for learning. Then, they need to be taught it is their job as a kid to learn. I regularly share with my children what everyone’s role in the home is. It is their dad’s and my role to take care of them in every way we can, and it is their job to grow up so that one day they can care for themselves.

Slithering and Crawling Things in the Yard

Here are just a few of the snapshots we captured each day as my boys caught these fine creatures. My oldest son does not like holding these kinds of things, and the youngest is still a bit uncertain. My middle boy is the one that caught them all and posed for each picture. Thank goodness the other two have him to handle the creepy crawlies.

frog in the back yard
Praying mantis in the backyard
earth worm in the backyard
lizard in the backyard
Raising Boys: Learning About The Critters in My Backyard
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