About 2 1/2 years ago, I received a piece of advice that gave me my life back. My friend, Crystal Paine, shared her journey of clearing up her eczema, acne, and other health issues. She talked about going on an elimination diet and it cleared up so many problems she was having.

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This Piece of Advice Changed My Life

That’s when I decided to do the same to see if it helped my eczema. And you know what? It did so much more. I haven’t had an asthma attack, trouble breathing, or any allergies since I cut out gluten and dairy.

That piece of advice is seemingly so insignificant. Isn’t it? I’ve tried every single home remedy I came across, along with meds, etc, to control my problems. And the answer was in the food I was eating. All Crystal did was share her journey. It’s not the only time she’s shared something that changed my life. But this change literally gave me my life back.

I’m Blow Away At How My Life is Changed

I can run! I’ve never been able to run without having an attack. I can go outside in the cold without being sick for days. I’m able to laugh at a comedian for an hour and not be congested the whole next day. It changed my life.

One Piece of Advice Can Change Someone Else’s Life

A small piece of advice can add up to a big impact. For example, I had a pediatrician tell me to use a new tube of Neosporin to treat pink eye in my kids. I’ve used his advice for 11 years and saved my family hundreds of dollars in doctor visits and prescriptions.  And I’ve passed on that advice to others.

Don’t be afraid to share your journey or to talk about seemingly insignificant parts of your life. You have no idea how it could radically alter someone else’s life.

One Piece of Advice That Gave Me My Life Back
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