Ok, I’m about to get real here on a review of Stitch Fix. Because, seriously, I’ve read review after another that all say the same thing “Stitch Fix is expensive”. I disagree people. Seriously disagree…and I shop at the thrift store.

stitch fix is expensive

How Much The Clothes In My Box Costed

Here are the real figures of how much my last fix cost.

stitch fix review
honest stitch fix review
stitch fix review
Stitch fix unboxing
Stitch Fix

As you can see, the highest-priced thing in the box was $56 and it was for a pair of jeans. The only reason why those were as high as they were, is because I told the company I’d willingly pay more for jeans than the rest of the categories.

You’re Not Just Paying For The Service

Again, with the prices! Everyone tries to justify the prices of the clothes by saying, “well, you are paying for a service”. To be honest, I don’t know how they are making money…or maybe I should say, “we’re all getting scammed at retail shops”.

When is the last time you walked into a decent department store and saw a shirt that was less than $30? I’m not talking about the cheapo stuff at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe (which I love these cheapo shops, btw.) I’m really talking about JCPenney’s, Macy’s, The Express, etc. These higher-end stores sell all of the clothes on their racks for a minimum of $30 for a shirt.

So…if Stitch Fix can pay the stylist to pick out clothes for me, and then ship it to me for $20…yet, apply that $20 to my purchase…what is the department stores doing charging the same amount or more? Oh, did I mention that it is free to return the clothes that you don’t want?

Why Investing in Clothes Is Worth It

I’ve been a thrift store shopper since I was a teenager. But, I’ve bought my fair share of higher-quality clothing. Here’s what I know to be true, when you buy brand new clothes that cost a little more, they will last.

Just the other day, I finally gave away a shirt that my mom bought for me when I was 14. She bought it from this store called Gantos (which is probably out of business now). I suspect she paid at least $30 for it, 20+ years ago. And you know why I got rid of it? The same reason I have gotten rid of every single other piece of high-quality clothing she bought me…because it didn’t fit anymore.

Thrift Store Clothes Don’t Last

I don’t know what your experience is with thrift store clothing, but mine is, it doesn’t last. I’ve worn holes in everything that I get from the thrift store in about a year. Honestly, I think it’s because moths get into the clothes at the stores and weaken the material.

I’m not going to stop buying stuff at the thrift store, but I do want to start investing a little bit of money in higher-quality clothes. The clothes at the thrift store were probably higher quality at some point, but not by the time they get to me.

How to Get The Cheaper Prices in Your Stitch Fix Box

There’s a key way you can get lower-priced clothes in your stitch fix box. You have to tell them how much you are willing to pay for the clothes. They’ll ask you what your price range is for every category of clothes.

Now…let’s be real, you aren’t getting a piece of clothing in your box that’s $15. It’s not Walmart people. If you want Walmart prices, then you’re gonna get Walmart quality.

Stitch Fix Has High Quality Clothes That Are Well Made

I grew up with a seamstress for a mom. My mom handmade all of my dresses and many of my clothes when growing up. She also made my prom dress, wedding dress, and countless other formal gowns for others. She knows all about fabric, fit, stitching, and everything to do with well-made clothes.

My mom taught me how to look for things that are well made. She showed me what kind of hemlines on clothes to look for. To turn a garment inside out and see how it is stitched together. She taught me to look at tags on the clothes and see what they are made from. I know what high-quality fabrics are.

I’ve inspected everything that has come from Stitch Fix for quality, and these lower-priced items are well made. I imagine if I was willing to pay more money for each category, then I’d likely get even higher quality products.

Check out the live where I show you what I received in my box.

Here’s Where You Sign Up To Try It

I’m not being paid by the company to say this. I actually signed up for the service, because they were giving away freestyling fees. And, I’m paying for the clothes they recently sent me with my own money.

So, I don’t want you to think that I’m giving a biased review. I do want you to know that they have a referral program and I’m going to leave my referral link below. It doesn’t change your costs, but it does give me a $25 credit if you sign up for an account and order a fix.

You are also able to get credits to the company if you share your referral link with your friends. And… I suggest you do if you like the service. I’m the last person on the planet that you’d expect to say something isn’t too expensive. I’ve been told that I squeak when I walk because I’m so tight. However, my mom and dad sunk money into our clothes because they wanted them to last.

I’m at that point now that I want to stop paying $5 for clothes I only get to wear for a year before I have to trash them because of holes. I think Stitch Fix is a good way for me to add a few higher-quality pieces to my wardrobe.

Why Am I The ONLY One That Doesn’t Think Stitch Fix is Expensive?