My Favorite Lifestyle Bloggers

I have had the great pleasure of getting to know other bloggers over the last few months. Periscope has done a lot to make that happen. It is one thing to read a person’s blog and another to get to know actually get to know them.

I’ve been able to build some great relationships with marriage bloggers, and you can check out the list of those incredible people in the post I wrote about them.

Today, I want to share with you my top fave lifestyle bloggers. You guys know that in addition to writing about marriage topics, I do some general homemaking and life posts. Ultimately, everything that happens in our home life affects our marriage relationship.

I want to introduce you to these lovely ladies and I hope you will take the time to check out their blogs.

Crystal- Money Saving Mom

Crystal is the first blogger that I ever followed. She was a blogger before it was cool. This great lady posts many times a day. You can expect great deal posts, homeschool helps, organizational tips, and gut-honest thoughts from Crystal.

I’ve really appreciated her as a blogger and a friend. Without Money Saving Mom, I wouldn’t have been able to keep our grocery budget low, homeschool our boys, or find ways to earn while I stay home with the kids.

Some of my favorite posts from her site include:

How to Make Money Blogging 

Income Earning Ideas 

6 Ways We’re Keeping Our Grocery Budget Low Without Using Coupons (just as a note, this has been one of my favorite posts Crystal ever wrote. I loved her so much for it, because I, too, had stopped using coupons and it was the confirmation I needed that I had made the right choice.)

This lady has so much wisdom to share and she speaks straight from her heart.

Erin- The Humbled Homemaker

I was first introduced to Erin through reading Crystal’s blog. I love that Crystal brings on so many different guest posters. She was like a one stop shop for me.

More than a year ago, I found out that Erin and I had other connections, because her Uncle and Aunt were friends of mine when I was growing up. They were pretty important people to me and I still like to visit with them.

Erin blogs about homemaking, mothering, and natural living. She has written some really great posts about the way she parents. Her point of view is pretty counter-cultural, and I’ve found she lines up with the way I feel about parenting.

My favorite posts from her include:

Why We’re NOT Saving up To Go To Disney World (And What We’re Saving For Instead) 

Staying Home With Your Kids When You Can Barely Afford It

I’m not a complete crunchy momma like Erin, but I do natural things as much as I can…unless it has to do with Redi Whip…which I’m all for-and she is decidedly not. 😀

Stacy- Humorous Homemaking

I have gotten to know Stacy through Periscope. I really like tuning in and listening to her when she comes on. Most of the time, she comes on around 1:30 during the weekdays, if not a bit sooner.

She is a funny lady and brings a lot of humor to her scopes. You can see her past scopes on Katch

I’ll admit, I haven’t really read her blog other than her husband’s post about Our Debt-Free Kitchen Remodel which I greatly appreciated. She and her husband have some great things to share and I believe Barry talks a lot about financial planning.

These are my top faves when it comes to lifestyle bloggers. Don’t forget to check out the marriage bloggers I follow.

Christian Marriage Bloggers I Love 
Christian marriage bloggers I love

If you want to connect with me on a more personal level, you can always catch me on Periscope during the week. I try to get on around 1:00 pm…but that is subject to change.

If you don’t have Periscope or can’t get on at that time, you can see my past videos on Katch.

Which bloggers do you like to follow? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

My Favorite Lifestyle Bloggers
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