I have shared with you guys before that I have gone through some major weight loss in the last few years. A little over a year ago, I made another change that resulted in me losing a lot of weight and greatly reduced my asthma.

how I motivated myself to lose weight. I didn't use new year's resolutions...rather, I did this.

So, how did I do it? I challenged myself to make the changes a week at a time. I didn’t go all in. I didn’t commit to big things. I just challenged myself to eat a certain way for 6 days at a time. On Saturdays, I would let myself splurge. I did this every week for several months, until I finally made my diet changes permanent.

Having an end date was way more effective of a strategy for me than to just say I was going to make a change for the rest of my life. That’s not doable in the slightest. But, starting every week with a challenge and having a day I knew I could splurge, really helped me with the perseverance to push past the hangry days.

That’s why we are doing a healthy eating challenge in our private group. Actually, we are just wrapping up the workout challenge that we have been doing the last week. And, I’m going to run 2 other challenges after we get done with the 7-day healthy eating challenge.

If you want to get in on the challenge, then be sure to sign up for the community here. You get 7 days free in the group and then you are charged $7 a month to stay in. You can cancel at any time. I hope you will join us! I’ve got 5 healthy crockpot meals I’m going to share with everyone during the challenge. All of these meals stick within my diet. It’s the one I’ve been on for a year that’s helped me lose 20 pounds.

Other things on my mind:

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Have a great week! I will chat with you soon.

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How I Motivated Myself to Lose Weight
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