Once you get married, everything you do will have some amount of impact on your marriage. This includes everything from your quirky habits to more important things, like what you do for a living. Our work flow has a huge impact on our relationships in general, but especially our marriage.

Is Your Work Flow Negatively Affecting Your Marriage

It is not always what you do for a living that has the negative effect on your marriage. A lot of times, it is how you handle your job that causes you to struggle.

I’m not saying that there are no jobs out there with crummy schedules and demanding bosses. What I am saying, is that we all get a choice in how we manage our time and handle our life choices.

I’ve met so many people that are married to their jobs. They live, eat and breathe what they do for a living. Passion is good! Obsession is not.

You have to clock out and detach from your work at some point in the day. If you allow what you do to consume your life, you will damage your relationships.

We Have Decided What Works Best For Our Family

Austin worked as a minister for almost 10 years. Being on staff at a church can really drain you. Clocking out from your job can be very difficult, especially when a family in the church has a crisis. No one plans to have an emergency at 10:30pm…or later…it just happens.

When he was on staff at a church, we had to decide as a couple what worked for us. What things would he run out the door for, and what things could wait. If we didn’t watch it, our entire lives could be consumed with his job.

Now that he is a Food Pantry Director, we have similar challenges to that of him being on staff at a church.

Re-Negotiations Have to Happen Periodically

We threw a wrench into things 2 years ago when I started picking up freelance writing assignments. My business has grown in a way I couldn’t imagine. All of my work is project based and I have to figure out how to meet my deadlines without ignoring my family.

Again, we had to work through the challenges of my work commitments. I tell you this to say that you will have to re-negotiate what works for you more than one time in your marriage. During different seasons of your life, different things will work.

Is it Time That You Re-Evaluate Your Job Situation?

Maybe this sounds crazy to you, but it might be time to re-evaluate your job situation. Sometimes, we think there is only one way to do life. That is simply not true.

A major job change can be very scary, but it is totally doable. We faced this a year and a half ago. Austin needed to make change in his career choice for many reason. Also, I needed to make changes as well to my life choices.

Austin and I made a lot of changes in regards to our life paths that have turned out to be very healthy for us. I don’t write that sentence easily. It took a LOT for us to get where we are today, but we have a healthier marriage because of it.

Resources I’ve Relied On For My Work Flow

I tried to earn money from home from the time I decided to stay home with my boys. It was always my goal to stay home with them and earn extra money in creative ways. I spun my wheels and pursued different money making ideas for over 5 years before anything took off.

Finally, I found a resource that really helped me and made the biggest difference in my life.

I follow the blog of an incredible lady named Crystal Paine. I discovered her blog when we were in a financial crisis. Her money saving ideas, coupon courses, and free resources have been invaluable to me.

Not only did she give me real tips on how to spend less and do with what I have, she gave me plenty of resources on how to increase my earnings. I became a money making mom because of the information she has shared over the years.

Money Making Mom Book

my money making mom book came

You never know what you can and can’t trust online. Crystal is a person that I trust and I know she has a lot of great advice to give. In her latest book, Money Making Mom, she gives encouragement and inspiration to anyone who is looking for ways to earn from home.

The book is geared towards women, but men who want to start their own business or work for themselves would also benefit from reading it. She spends several chapters giving ideas of how to come up with a business idea you would succeed in.

Later on in the book, Crystal gives practical advice on how to grow your business as well as keeping your work flow in check. Her tips are so important to me right now as I continue to grow my home based business and stay on track with my commitments.  

What I love the most about the book is that she spends a few chapters talking about giving and how you can increase your giving as your income increases. This is very near and dear to Austin’s and my heart.

You can check out what Austin has to say about giving on Periscope.

If you are interested in purchasing Crystal’s book, you can use my Amazon affiliate link below.
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