About 10 years ago, Keelie and I started gardening at home. We’re in our fourth home where we’ve planted vegetables in the yard, with varying levels of success. I’ll admit, I thought Keelie was crazy that first year. I was eating my words while we were eating those first peas! Something as simple as gardening can cause conflicts between spouses. Susan Conley is with us today to talk about how you can find a compromise in the garden.

Are you interested in designing a front-yard garden that appeals to your loved ones? Do you want to enjoy a combination of veggies and flowers in your garden together? Well, opt for growing plants in the front yard. You can do it easily by going for potted herbs and vegetables, and a section of flowers side-by-side.

It can be tough to convince your spouse of the varieties that you wish to grow in your front-yard garden, especially when your spouse is also a gardening fan. Also, there are many instances where couples have quarrels choosing between useful vegetables and beautiful flowers in your front yard.

There are definite ways of coming to a mutual agreement on how and what to grow in your garden. You can go ahead with one awesome combination, and believe me, it will make your family happy, especially if you are finding it difficult to convince your spouse.

When You Want a Garage Landscape, and Your Spouse Wants to Grow Vegetables

Imagine you have a nice, open space beyond your front door, which you want to use to grow healthy, organic vegetables. You go and discuss it with your spouse, and he comes up saying that he wishes to create a landscape that can be used as a garage!

I know it can be annoying when you want to use it for cultivation and your spouse wants to make it a dump yard. Now, it is a task for you to convince your spouse who doesn’t agree with the vegetable gardening concept. It’s easy! Convince him by explaining the importance of a vegetable garden in your front yard.

What should you say? Go through the importance of growing vegetables at home in our last section, and you will know how to convince your spouse.

When You Want Useful Vegetables, and Your Spouse Wants a Beautiful Flowerbed

Many men like to use an open space to create something useful and creative; however, this may not be the case all the time with the women of the house. They may rather opt for something attractive and beautiful.

This is when the idea of gardening within a family can create controversy, especially when you are concentrating on total family health. You may want to grow organic and healthy cucumbers, beets, carrot sprouts, and zucchinis, but your wife may want to create a beautiful flower bed, which she can show off to your guests.

Find a middle way out! You can grow both together. Select the center area in which you can grow your organic veggies, the way you like it and let your wife grow her favorite flowers bordering and fencing your veggies. Both your wife’s and your purpose will be served.

Why is it Important to have a Vegetable Garden in your Front Yard?

  • Healthy food: You can grow healthy and tasty organic food on your own. You can eat fresh vegetables. Vegetables that are grown in your garden are free from chemicals. These vegetables are rich in nutrients. Growing vegetables in your garden is one of the best ways to change to a vegan diet.
  • Better growing conditions: The front lawn of your house provides the perfect environment for the garden. The backyard can be shaded by trees and is not sunny. Sun makes the soil fertile. Sun provides growing conditions for plants.
  • Elimination of lawn: I don’t like the green carpet of grass in front of my house. I prefer to grow a garden full of flowers, vegetables, and fruits, especially in a closet, which is similar to a grow box. You may choose the Best grow box that can help you in setting an environment according to the requirement of the plant. These grow boxes are stunning and durable.
  • Satisfaction: Designing a garden in the front of the house is a matter of pride. The beauty of plants is soothing for eyes and lungs. You can enjoy the fresh air and shade. Sow seeds in soil. Watching your plants grow will give you a sense of achievement.
  • Strong relations: Gardening can give you a topic to interact with your neighbors. Kids and pets love to play in the garden. You can sit with your neighbors in the garden and enjoy.
  • Beautiful landscape: Colorful vegetables, fruits, and flowers increase the beauty of your house. It fills the house with positive vibes.
  • Exercise in the garden: Breathe unlimited oxygen while doing exercise. Working out in the garden will provide a healthy body, mind, and soul.

There are many benefits, which my family and I receive just by growing vegetables in the front yard. Try it with your family and see for yourself!

Growing a Garden Your Whole Family Will Love