Finding ways to give as a family is very important to us. Austin and I are teaching our kids that giving needs to be a budgeted line item in your finances. If you always have a budgeted line item for it, you will make your giving more automatic.

Over the years, that line item has gone up and down, but it has never gone away. Regardless of how much we have, we can still share with those around us.

Allowing our kids to get involved in giving has really helped us to bond as a family. When you have a common goal, you can move towards it together. Here are some of the ways our family has gotten involved with giving back to our community and the world.

You can check out the Periscope I did about this recently.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Every year, we have done Operation Christmas Child. It is put together by Samaritan’s purse. You can use any shoebox or plastic shoebox. Also, they have boxes designed for the project as well.

You can get all of your information off of the website. The national pickup date is usually mid-November, so you would have a week or two to get it together. This year the collections take place from November 16-23.

This year, we did 3 boxes and put a present together for a boy in each age group. My boys had a lot of fun shopping for gifts.

World Vision Catalog

World Vision Gift Catalog

We were introduced to World Vision because we have done 30 Hour Famine projects with youth groups. They put out a catalog every year during Christmas. In these catalogs, you are able to purchase livestock, wells, and other things for families in poor villages.

Normally, we sit down with the kids and pick through what we want to buy for others. It is very educational to show them the needs that others around the world have.

Compassion International also puts out a gift catalog that has the same concept. Compassion International is the organization that allows you to sponsor a child for somewhere around $30 a month.

Five N Two Food Pantry

On a local level, we support our local food pantry. Austin is currently the director of the Five N Two pantry, but before he took on that role, we supported it through food drive efforts. We are huge proponents of getting involved locally as well as internationally.

We make online donations to the food pantry. Also, we get our kids involved in different ways. We have had the opportunity to get out in our community on a number of occasions and share with others about the work that is happening there. The kids are old pro’s at talking to people about how we serve families in our county.

Support Missionaries

We personally have a few missionary friends that we support on a yearly basis. Our dear friend, Daniel Byrd is in Romania and has been over there for a number of years. We were so honored to be a part of this journey in becoming a missionary.

Also, we have supported one of our former youth members, Sutton Wirt, and his wife Kayla in their efforts in Africa.

Volunteer Time

These are just a few of the ways that we are giving to the world around us with our finances. There are so many other ways in which you can give. Volunteering your time is a big thing that organizations need.

Some people only have the time and resources to give money. Others do not have the money, so they spend time volunteering. Some individuals are able to do both. That is where we have lived for a number of years. We strive to give financially and with our time.

I hope you will find ways to get involved with the world around you!

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Finding Ways to Give as a Family Helps Us Bond
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