Several months ago, a dear church member was sitting with her husband waiting on his death. Even though I was not with him myself, I felt as if I was holding my breath as well, just waiting for the phone call. It was a heart wrenching situation and brought up many questions for me.

Often, when you hear of someone’s death, you start asking yourself what the best scenario would be if it were your loved one that has passed on. Maybe you think it would be better for them to go suddenly without warning.

Some may think it is best that you be given a week with them on their deathbed to say goodbye. In reality, there is nothing easy about death and one situation versus another may not be better.

Imminent Death

I cannot even fathom how hard it was for her to sit by his side and wait. She knew his death was imminent, but neither of them could stop it. Death truly is a thief in the night, coming when we least expect it. It is the type of waiting that you don’t grow impatient over.

It occurred to me then, that wishing for phases of our lives to be over is not wise. Even if we are in the midst of a difficult time or a miserable situation, that we must figure out how to be thankful for life itself. One day, death will steal us away without notice.

A Change of Perspective

During that time in my life, I was going through some very frustrating things and major life changes. Each day I would wish for what I was experiencing to be over. During that week that the sweet lady was waiting with her husband and saying goodbye over and over, it really changed my perspective.

I needed to change my attitude about life and cherish the times I had with my family. Even though I did not want our circumstances to stay the same, I should not wish them away. All things we experience in life are necessary so that we can become who God wants us to be.

While He is growing us and stretching us, we have to turn our minds to thankfulness. Be thankful for our children, spouses, friends, and family. We won’t get those moments back when they are gone.

Don’t Grow Impatient Waiting on Death

Don’t grow impatient waiting on death
It comes like a prowler
A thief in the night
It waits by the window
To grab your soul
You never know
When it is going to strike

Don’t grow impatient waiting on death
It will take you by surprise
Even in the midst of a task
Never await for the day to be done
Each day accomplish all you can
For the next may never come

Don’t grow impatient waiting on death
Because death won’t wait on you

-Keelie Reason

We Are All Waiting on Death

We are all waiting on death to take us from this life. With each passing moment, we get closer and closer to our final day. Never grow impatient waiting on death, instead, seize the day and live life to the fullest.

John 10:10 A thief comes to only steal and to kill and to destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and have it in abundance.

Don’t Grow Impatient Waiting on Death