Are you looking for some great ideas that you can do yourself for your kids? Check out some of these cute ideas.

Duct Tape Heart

Make fun and fluffy duct tape heart to make his Valentine’s Day exciting. By cutting strips of duct tape in the color of your choice, you can make a heart he is sure to enjoy. Once two heart forms have been created, you can stuff the inside with pillow stuffing or scrap fabric to make a squishy heart.

Robot Valentine

This quirky little robot valentine will have him smiling and laughing as he bounces him around the room and makes him talk like a droid. The body of this robot is made from a snack-sized candy bar covered in scrapbooking paper. The head, legs, and arms are made from complimenting colored paper and all glued to card stock. You can see how to make this robot with pictures.

Love Bugs

Tell him he is your little love bug with creepy crawlies attached to cut-out paper hearts. Choose a heavy cardstock in a vibrant color, and cut out heart. In the center of the heart, attach a plastic bug of your choice. Write a special message to your son on the cardstock and add the phrase, my little love bug. Here you can see instructions with pictures. 

Fish Valentine

For a non-candy Valentine’s Day option, give him goldfish. He is sure to be happy with a bag full of fish for a snack. Attach the message, “Will you o”fish”ally by mine?” on the outside of the bag or box. Pack this in his lunch for a Valentine’s Day surprise. See full instructions here.

Dino Love

This dinosaur will bring Valentine’s Day in with a roar. Use a plastic dinosaur of your choice. You can enhance the dinosaur by spray painting it a vibrant color. Cut out small, red hearts to place in the dinosaur’s mouth. Attach Valentine’s Day greeting to a card and tie it around the dinosaur’s neck. Take a look at this fun dinosaur valentine.

The Force

Give him the force for Valentine’s Day with this printable Star Wars card. Follow the link below and print out this card that features Obi-wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Use two different colored pixie sticks and tape them down across the character’s hands to be used as lightsabers. Your son will have fun re-enacting Start Wars with this great valentine.

Make Valentine’s Day special for your children with one of these projects. Homemade gifts are fun to make and extra special to receive. Do you have any great ideas? Tell me about them in the comments. I would love to hear.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts For Your Children
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