Recently, I made a gluten-free stuffing for another recipe. I had leftover stuffing, which was more like a paste. So, I decided to use it to make a chicken casserole.

Now, this is not a gluten-free recipe, because I used a can of cream of mushroom. That no doubt has gluten in it. If you need the recipe to be completely gluten-free, then you will need to make your own cream of mushroom using cornstarch as the thickener.

Chicken Casserole Recipe

3 chicken breasts or 4 cups of cut chicken

1 can of cream of mushroom soup

5 mushrooms

Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe

1 1/2 cups walnuts (soak for 1-2 hours)

2 hard-boiled eggs

1/2 cup sauteed onions

5 mushrooms

2 teaspoons sage

2 teaspoons oregano

3 cloves peeled garlic

How to Make the Stuffing

You will need to soak the walnuts for 1-2 hours ahead of time. This is just to soften them up in order to put them in a food processor. I have burned up motors in food processors before by grinding up nuts. This step may not be necessary, but I felt like I should since I didn’t want to ruin my processor.


Drain the walnuts and place in a food processor. Add the mushrooms, sage, garlic, sauteed onions, and oregano. Blend the ingredients until a paste forms. Chop up the hard-boiled eggs and mix in with the paste.

If you wanted to add celery to your stuffing mix, that would enhance the flavor and give it a crunchier taste. My husband does not like celery, so I rarely use it in recipes.

How to Make Chicken Casserole

Start by cooking the chicken. You can cook the chicken breasts on a grill or boil in water. If you are using a whole chicken, boil or cook ahead of time. Then de-bone the chicken.

Spread the chicken in the bottom of a casserole dish. Cut up mushrooms and mix in with the chicken.

chicken casserole 3

Pour the cream of mushroom soup on top of the chicken.

chicken casserole 1

Spread the gluten-free stuffing on the top of the chicken mix.

chicken casserole 2

Bake in the oven for at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until it bubbles.

I really enjoy eating chicken casserole on occasion. Since I have been counting my calories and trying to watch what I eat, stuffing hasn’t been something that I’ve indulged in. I felt a lot better with this recipe, because it eliminates the bread and butter that is normally used in stuffing.

Chicken Casserole With Gluten-Free Stuffing
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