because he is risen, I can have hope

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The stone was rolled away Jesus raised Himself from the dead. This has been a source of amazing encouragement for me today. I keep saying over and over, “Because He is risen, I can have hope”.

This Morning in Sunday School…

My Sunday school teacher brought in these small flat rocks this morning; he called them moonstones. This weekend, he went to the beach and he searched out enough to give everyone in our class one stone.

He told us to think of these rocks as a representation of the stone being rolled away. While we pray this week, he wants us to hold the stone in our hands. He told us to be reminded of the power of Christ and bring our worries and fears to Him.

I Will Remember The Power of Christ

As I pray this week, I am going to hold the stone and remember what Christ accomplished on the cross. His is all-powerful. In light of the fact that he was able to resurrect Himself from the dead, whatever is going on in my life, He can handle it.

When you think about the power of Jesus, it can bring hope to your heart and peace to your life.

Do You Need Hope Today?

We all have times in our lives where we feel alone in our circumstances, or we are staring into the darkness in front of us. If that is where you are today, remember what Jesus faced on the cross and the power He has over the grave.

What Do You Cling To When You Are in a Hopeless Place?

Because He is Risen- I Can Have Hope
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