I’ve invited Emily Racer to share with us simple ways you can improve your diet. If you didn’t know, I lost 30 pounds a few years ago. As she shared, counting calories was my number one way to finally drop the weight.

Austin and I have both have had big success with losing weight. She has some great tips here.

Be a healthier you by changing these diet tips

We all know that eating well is a good idea for all the family. But as moms, sometimes we forget that what we consume affects our weight, energy levels, and even our emotional health. Remember that to be the best wife and mother you need to feed yourself nutritious and healthy foods. Luckily it is possible to improve your diet in small measured ways. Read on to find out how.

Counting Your Calories

Most people groan when the subject of calorie counting comes up. It’s traditionally linked to the idea of strict rules and deprivation. But the hard fact about weight management is that if you eat less and move more, you will lose weight. That is where calorie counting can be used to your advantage.

I’m not suggesting going crazy and downloading an app to record every single bite of food you have throughout the day. Who wants to live like that anyway? But how about making a small change and limiting the amount of calories that you consume from processed or snack-type foods? While these often taste good, they probably don’t have a huge amount of nutritional value, past giving you a burst of energy.

If you limited this type of food, you are more likely to replace it with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, which are much better for you anyway.

Portion Control


Another small tweak to your diet that you can make is being a bit more aware of portion control. With such big portions in restaurants and fast-food chains, it’s very easy to constantly overeat.

Remember that your stomach is only actually the size of a large orange. So anything over that amount of food is way too much for your body to digest efficiently in one go. Also remember that if your body cannot absorb something in the right way, is much more likely to store it as fat. That’s why eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day is so much better for you.

Replace Other Foods With More Fruits and Vegetables


It’s common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient-dense types of food available. Most of us still don’t consume the right amount. You should be aiming for at least five portions of fruit and veg a day. Remember that if possible these should be whole (not pureed or cooked) because this changes the fiber and sugar content.

They are absorbed quickly into your system, but that means that the body doesn’t have to work as hard so their calorific value increases. Check out these delicious healthy food recipes containing lots of fruit and veg.

Clean Eating

There has been a lot in the media recently about clean eating. If you are feeling intimidated by the thought of a total makeover of your diet to make it clean, why not take a more measured step-by-step approach?

Make one meal or snack clean to start with. Try these black bean brownies. Or why give a clean breakfast a go? A poached egg with avocado on wholemeal bread is a filling start to the day. It will also provide you with all the slow-release carbohydrates and fats to keep you going through your morning.

Be a Healthier You and Improve Your Diet With These Tips
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