If you didn’t know, I went to New York last month to help a client produce a television series of women entrepreneurs. The shows are now being pre-released on YouTube. It’s been so amazing to see all of those components put together.

Meet Karen Louise

One of the ladies I had the privilege to meet was Karen Louise. When I called her back in July to welcome her to the event, she shared with me that she was a widow. She had lost her husband about two years ago and now she is raising her 3 kids on her own.

As if that part of her story wasn’t heartbreaking enough, she talked about how she lost everything shortly after he died.

All of a sudden, she was left penniless. It’s heartbreaking…I know. Left to raise 3 kids on her own with a dime to her name. She had to fast-track learning so that she could keep up.

Work Together as a Team

One of her messages is to take responsibility in your marriage. Don’t sit back and assume your spouse has everything under control in certain areas of home management. Rather, both of you take active roles in decisions.

If the unimaginable were to happen in your family, would you have a plan in place? Do you and your spouse work together as a team to determine what needs to be accomplished?

Are You Prepared For The Worst in Your Family?