8 Things To Do As A Family Right Now


A lot of families are being given the opportunity to spend more time together. There are great struggles as well as joys that come from this. I encourage you to lean into your family during this time and find ways to connect.

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Today, I invited Alex Berger on to share with us things we can do right now.

Most of us are stuck inside our home, fearful of what is to come next. I was listening to the press briefing and it was mentioned that we are fighting an invisible war (and that we will win, which is important to keep in mind). So many of us are scared of this invisible enemy and we are hunkering down to protect ourselves and more importantly, our family.

While yes, it is terrifying, and we have no idea what will come next or when this will be over, I do think that we need to try our best to see the positives in the situation and for me specifically, that means that I will be focusing on my marriage – my family.

I hope that all of you can make the most out of this time by trying to see the positives with me. It’s time to protect ourselves while also making the most out of this time that we are in. Here are # things to do as a family right now:

8 Things To Do As A Family Right Now

1. Get Outside

If you watch the news, they will tell you: get outside, and I have to agree with them during this time. As long as you stay 6-10 feet away from others and are cautious when touching surfaces (like gates, playgrounds, trash can lids, etc.), then you are safe to be outside.

The great thing about this time is that spring is here and it is absolutely beautiful outside. Take a walk around your neighborhood, do a joint workout together outside, play a game of tennis, start a couch to 5k program together, go to a huge field and have a romantic picnic, or go on a hike (as long as it’s not too crowded). 

2. Have A Movie Day

I always love movie days, but we really do not get much time to have them because we are always so busy. The great thing about this virus is that it’s keeping us all inside/away from the workplace and it’s forcing all of us to slow down, which honestly, we need.

Lounge on the couch, pop the popcorn, curl up with your husband, and watch all of your favorite movies and maybe some new ones, too!

8 Things To Do As A Family Right Now

3. At-Home Date Night

My husband and I try to go on a date night at least (preferably more) once a month where it is just the two of us. I definitely do not want to stop that tradition now, just because we are unable to go to the movie theatre or to restaurants.

Take this opportunity to have a romantic at-home date night instead! Light some candles, cook whatever you have (you could order from Instacart, but make sure to wipe everything down when you get it!), and turn on a romantic playlist.

I highly recommend getting ready and dressing up to make it feel a bit more real and normal. Open up a bottle of wine (or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage) and enjoy yourselves!

4. Sleep In

If you get the chance, sleep in! Most of us do not get this chance very often, so take full advantage of it. If you are working from home, make sure to set your alarm to wake up at a certain point in the morning, but every so often, turn that alarm off and wake up on your own schedule…even if you have to work a bit later in the day!

5. Clean Your Home

This is a fantastic time to get all of your unfinished work done around the home. For example, if you have any home projects to tackle, now is probably the time. Plant your garden, patch any holes, declutter your closets, and clean your home.

When you clean, start first by decluttering every inch of your home. To make this easy on you, look into a dumpster rental if you have a ton of items that you need to toss. Junk Queen TX can help you with that since they focus on junk removal in Collin County. Junk Queen TX is a locally-owned and operated junk removal company, providing a 5-star service with fair pricing.

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8 Things To Do As A Family Right Now

They say, ”We utilize over sized vehicles for expedient removals, thus what other junk removal companies call a load is not as large as one of our trucks. Our larger trucks hold 3 to 4 loads at a time.

We provide you with a supreme customer service experience and compassion that is second to none. Our hauling team is sensitive to customer concerns on every removal including hoarding cleanouts, and estate clearances.

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So, if you have time on your hands during or after this time, consider calling them to clean out your home!

6. Start A TikTok

If you have not been hiding under a rock, then you’ll know that TikTok is THE new social media. Why not start a couples’ TikTok channel together? This would be fun, it would give you something to do, and it would also help you boost your creativity levels. It’s really easy to start a TikTok and it could lead to hours of fun.

7. Take A Marriage Course

One way that you can make the most of your time while improving your marriage would be to take a marriage course. There are so many different courses and programs out there with the same intention: to help you build or improve your relationship with your spouse. Search around until you find the best one for you and your spouse.

8 Things To Do As A Family Right Now

8. Connect

Last but not least, just spend time connecting with your loved ones (whoever you are quarantined with). We, as a society, never get time like this and it’s important that we put down our phones and connect or reconnect with those that we love.

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