All of us need encouragement in our lives at some time or another. I think we often forget that our spouses need to be told thank you for what they do. Sure, you both are in this together and have responsibilities to the family. While it is both of your jobs to help out around the house, raise the children, and bring in a paycheck; giving encouragement is important. What an honoring thing you can do for your spouse to surprise them with a bit of encouragement on a day they do not expect it. Here are some great ways you can say thank you and show support to your loved one.

1. Make a Bad Day Box

bad day box

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Whether your loved one has had a bad day or not, a box full of their favorite things is sure to be an encouragement to them. You can read my post HERE where I explain exactly what I put in my box. Also, I give some other fun suggestions as well. Be as creative as you like with this idea.

2. Write Notes on a Shower Curtain

shower notes

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This idea is super fun if you have a plastic shower curtain. I actually have glass doors in my bathroom, so I did this concept on the plastic shower curtain in my kid’s bathroom. All you need is a plastic shower curtain and a black marker. This can be done for any member of your family, not just your spouse. One quick note, this is a permanent thing and it will not scrub or wash off. If you plan to write messages you don’t want your kiddos seeing, then I suggest don’t do this in a shared bathroom. It would be a good idea to have a new plastic shower curtain to replace the other one after the surprise as well.

3. Make a Branch of Love

branch of love

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This is an encouraging idea I have used in many different ways. I’ve done this for Austin a few times using different themes. Once, I did a fall theme in the bedroom and cut out fall-colored leaves to write on. This one pictured is a spring-looking branch. What you will need is a branch from outside that is empty of actual leaves. Then you can cut out leaf shapes and on each leaf, write a sentence of encouragement. Consider writing attributes that you love about your spouse or say thank you for things they have done. After you have filled out all of your leaves, tape them onto the branches and hang them on the wall.

These are just a few simple ways to encourage your loved one. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy to tell your husband or wife how much you care.

I originally saw all of these fun ideas over at The Dating Divas, and made them into my own style. That is one of my favorite blogs for married couple dating ideas. They are just simply amazing.

3 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse