The crazy thing is that I never wanted to work for myself, but here I am doing just that. Ever since I was a teenager, I knew I didn’t want to put my kids in daycare. I also wanted to have the ability to homeschool them for at least the first few years of their education or more.

I kind of just assumed that I would be able to earn money from home because I had watched my mom take on side work. She didn’t work outside of the home until I turned 16. Since she had the ability to earn from home, I thought it would be easy.

For years and years, I tried everything I knew to try in order to bring in money. We had many years where we really needed the relief, but I just couldn’t find anything consistent.

I tried all kinds of things to earn money from home and this is what I learned-

Try everything until something works

I could write out a list of over 25 things that I have tried in order to earn money, that failed…maybe even more. There came a time that I just resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t meant to earn money at that point, and so I invested a lot of time in couponing, DIY everything, and reducing every bill possible.

Then- one day, I found something that worked for me. I started a writing gig onĀ This platform has brought me 95% of my clients. I’ve written for more than 300 people on that site. Many of these clients, I’ve been able to take off of that platform over the years.

Fiverr isn’t going to work for everyone. In fact, I have told many friends to try it out, and nothing has happened for them. I can’t tell you why it works for some people and not others. Likely for the same reason that I have never made a single dime from taking a survey, but there are people that swear by it.

Just keep trying and brainstorming, and something will work. I still use this principle today in my blogging business.

Tell others you are looking for work

This is likely the best advice I can give you- tell other people you are looking for work. I remember doing this once when I was in college, and I ended up with so many job offers, I took on 3 jobs. After that, I had to start turning work away, because I was booked.

It never occurred to me to do this in my adult life. For many years, I was secretly trying to earn money. When Austin left his full-time job as an associate pastor to work part-time jobs, I told people I was in need of work for the first time ever. You wouldn’t believe the amount of odd and end jobs I took on because of that.

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Two Tips For Earning Extra Money
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