Know what’s weird? My friends, family, or acquaintances never ask me how I earn money online. When people find out that I earn a living from the internet, they either back away slowly- or awkwardly change the subject.

I get it. The thought of earning money online or in an unconventional way seems completely overwhelming. I had to follow Crystal Paine, the Money Saving Mom, for 6 years to get warmed up to the idea of earning online.

Honestly, I think that people are really leery of scams. That’s another understandable reason to immediately dismiss the thought of making a living online. Believe me, there are plenty of things out there that are not legit, but there is plenty that is.

There are a few ways that I earn money online-

Freelance writing- Most of my clients come from Fiverr.

Social media management– these are Fiverr clients that I’ve offered this service to.

Affiliate sales– I’m an affiliate for several businesses and look for new opportunities all the time.

Ad revenue- I have a Google adsense account. You are paid for the number of impressions you receive on your website, plus when someone clicks on the ads.

Paid posts– on occasion, companies will contact me and ask me to publish their content for a fee.

Ebook sales- currently, I have one ebook, Sexy Truth or Dare.  I’m about to release another one soon!

Etsy Shop Austin and I have created printables that we sell on this platform. We also have a few tangible products that we sell.

Zazzle Shop– Zazzle allows you to design your own products. The truth is, you receive a really small payout for the sales, but it is really neat to customize things with my brand.

These are just a few of the resources that I have tapped into for earning online.

Other things on my mind this week-

I’m super excited about this Genius Blogger’s Bundle– If you aren’t familiar with Ultimate Bundles, then you should check them out. Every few months, they put together some really awesome resources. This time, the resources are for bloggers- although, many of the resources can help anyone that has an online presence. I’m very excited to go through the Facebook ads training. Also, I really want to check out the Instagram resources, because I have been trying to figure that platform out forever.

I’m falling back in love with Ebates. If you aren’t familiar with it, you get cashback on purchase for certain online retailers. The only thing I hate about it, is that I have yet to get an Amazon purchase to earn anything for me. It seems to be very limited on what you can get cashback for. I have had success with Walmart, eBay, and purchasing plane tickets.

Someone told me about Carvertise which is a company that will pay you to drive your car. You have to meet some specific criteria, but if you do, then they will give you an ad to have put on your vehicle. This will have to be applied by a body shop. I’m not real sure how much you can make on this, but it would be easy money if you are driving enough every week.

I hope you have an awesome week!

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I’m Rarely Asked How I Earn Money Online- This is How I Do