For the garage door project I have been working, there are many different fields that have to be filled in for the page to display correctly. Here is a full picture tutorial of each step of the process.

Create a New Page

new page

Create a new page. This is what the top of the page will look like. Leave the page header text field blank. There is a second large box further down where the content goes.

Select Parent Page and Template

parent page and template

The next thing you will do is look for the Page attributes section on the right hand side of the page. On the parent page drop down, look for the name of the major city you are uploading for. The information for the major city is in the spreadsheet where you get the city names.

Next you will select the template. Choose “location-suburb”. This will bring up the different fields that you will need to fill in.

Where to Place Content

where to place content

This is where you will place your content. It is the second large box. You will need to go through the content to make sure all the extra spaces are taken out. When you copy and paste from Google, it often adds an extra space between paragraphs and the header.

Look over the content to make sure all of the headers are registering correctly. I’ve had times where it didn’t make the transfer properly.

Get Coupon Code From Spreadsheet

coupon code in spreadsheet

You will need to add a coupon code to the bottom of the content that you have uploaded. Get the code from the “master location list + content placement details tab of the spreadsheet.

Click the box and use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl+c” to copy the link.

Go Back to WordPress and Click The Text Tab

coupon codeClick the text tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the content and then use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl+v” to paste the code into the body of the text. Then select the visual tab again.

Get Phone Number For The City From The Spreadsheet

phone number

Find the phone number that is for the major city listing that you are working with. In this example, the content being uploaded is for the Seattle, Washington area.

Click the box, use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl + c” to copy the number. It is important to use this keyboard shortcut because if you copy it by highlighting the number, it looses the ( ) marks around the area code.

Keywords and Meta Description

keyword and meta data

You will need to add the keywords- garage door repair of “name of city” into the proper location.

For the meta description, make sure you add in the phone number and make sure that the words, Garage Door Repair of “name of city, state” are in the description.

City, State Abbreviation, Map

city state map

Scroll up towards the top of the page and you will see a field that says “city”. Add the city into that field and then tab down to the state. Add the abbreviation for the state.

Select Map From Gallery

map in gallery

You will need to select the map for the major city listing from the gallery. For example, if you are working in the Seattle area, then that is the map you will look for.

Click each map picture and you will know if it is the right one because it will be titled with the name of the major city you are working in. Select the picture and insert it into the section.

Enter Phone Number

maps suburbs phone number





In the picture above, you will insert the phone number to the local area.

Do not do anything for the top content image. For the map iframe, I will show you how to get that from google maps. The suburb list information is in the spreadsheet. I will also show you a picture of that.

Leave the my street address blank.

Get Map Code From Google Maps

city and state in google maps

Go to and type in the name of the city and state.


Then you will click the burger menu.

share or embed map

A menu will drop down. Look for embed or share map.

embed map

Then you will click the button that says Embed Map.

google maps medium to small

Click the button that says medium and change it to small.

Then you need to highlight the code and copy it. You will then paste that into the field that says Map iFrame.

maps suburbs phone number

Get Suburb List From Spreadsheet

suburb list

Go to the spreadsheet tab that says Master Location List + content placement details. Look for the string of cities that is next to the phone number that you found earlier. That is the suburb list. Copy it and then past it into the suburb list field in WordPress.

Page Title and Url

page title url

You will need to title the page “Name of City’s” #1 Garage Door Repair Team. Then you will change the field in the URL to just be the name of the city.

Insert 3-5 Links In The Content (Get Links From the Spreadsheet)

links in spreadsheet

Go to the spreadsheet and look for the links that are near the top and over the right a little. Row 30 are the main links. You will need to link /garage-door-repair/ in most of the articles you upload. You can also use /garage-doors/ in many of them as well.

Sometimes, you can use /overhead-door-repair/ and /garage-door-service/ in place of /garage-doors/. Try to switch it up every 7-8 articles you upload.

Rows 31-38 are secondary links. Insert one of these into every 4th article that you upload.

The main city pages are the service pages for the major city that you are working with. For example, if you are uploading cities in the Seattle area, you will insert the link /service-area/seattle/.

You can use that formula when you are uploading articles in a major city listing that is not in the spreadsheet. Just replace the seattle with the city you are working with. You can put that somewhere in the document that you can find it so you can easily copy and paste it.

Insert Links Into the Content

link texts

Look for words that match the links you are using. For example, if you are linking /service-area/seattle/ you would look for the word Seattle in the content. Highlight the word Seattle and then click the link button.

When you do, a window will pop up that looks like this:

adding links

You will past the link into the sections that says URL. Do not click the button that says to open link in new window. Leave that box unchecked. Then click the update button and it will insert the link.

Publish the Page and Add URL to Spreadsheet

place links in spreadsheet

Once you have done all of the things listed above, you are ready to publish the page. After you publish it, click the view page button that is next to +New at the top of the screen. Get the URL and then place it in the spreadsheet next to the city you uploaded.

Examples of Webpages Done Properly

Here are several webpages you can check out that are done properly. Everything from the web page title, the maps, pics, links, and everything.

Duvall, Washington

Edmonds, Washington

Everett, Washington

Fall City, Washington

This is how you upload the content into wordpress for the garage door project.

Uploading Content Into WordPress