There are times in which a website owner needs the same content for many different websites. The content all needs to get across the same message, but the words must be in unique order.

Google penalizes websites that load duplicate content.

Things to Keep in Mind When Re-Writing


Since search engine crawlers read the headers on a page before it reads anything else. It is very important that you mix up the headers as much as possible.

Here are some ideas on how to switch up the headers:

  • Use a different word order
  • Use synonyms to for certain words
  • Switch up the sections to appear in a different order
  • Focus on different aspects of the information you need to convey

When you are re-writing, the headings are important and should be as unique as you can make them.

Tips On How To Spin Content In A Unique Way


Just like the headings, the content needs to be original in structure and word order. You will need to find ways to convey the information in different ways.

Here are a few tips you can utilize when creating unique word order:


  • Expand on the information that you have access to
  • Think of different ways a user may use this information in their life and address those different aspects
  • Switch up the order in which the content appears
  • Add your own ideas and voice to the content

Re-writing jobs can be a lot of fun and simple to complete. When you get a good understanding of the information you need to convey, it should go quickly.

Building an Outline to Make it Go Faster

Remember in school when you had to submit an outline for research papers? I used to hate submitting outlines. Now that I am a copywriter, outlines are my best friend.

When it comes to re-writing projects, outlines help you sail through building the content. 

Here is an example of an outline that I am using for my current garage door repair project.



Opening paragraph..

Technicians On Sight In An Hour to Gladstone (Heading 2)

Nights and Weekend Services Available (Heading 3)

Our Service Area in Kansas (Heading 2)

Daily Discounts Available (Heading 3)

Garage Door Repair And Maintenance (Heading 2)

All parts that we use for repairs are:

  • Top quality brands
  • Long lasting springs
  • Rust resistant hardware
  • Industry leading tools
  • Knowledgeable technicians

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Closing paragraph and call to action….

Fill in Your Outline

Once you have an outline for your content, you can easily fill in the missing information. This is a great way to help organize yourself.

If you are re-writing this same content multiple times for a client, then make up the outlines for a whole batch of articles. Then you can go back and fill in the content. This will keep you from duplicating headings.

Every writer has their own style and way of producing great content. These tips are to help you re-fine your own process. 



Tips On How to Spin Content Legitimately
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