I’ve been helping Virginia Horbenko for many months on writing content for her website¬†http://www.holisticsplendour.com.au/. She is an amazing person that has a great desire to help her patients through holistic practices. Prior to taking on the project with Virginia, I wasn’t very familiar with the concept of holistic wellness. Now that I have been writing for her for so long and explored every area of her practice, I’ve gained a greater understanding of the importance of these treatments.

What is Holistic Wellness

Often times, in traditional medicine practice, we take medication to treat symptoms. When you have a headache, you take a pain reliever; when you have heartburn you down an antacid; dealing with gas, you take gas pills; it has become a standard thing to take a pill to treat pain and ailments. This approach to wellness just puts a bandaid on the problem, without addressing the actual cause of the ailments. With holistic wellness, you look at the person as a whole; everything from mind, spirit, to every area of your body itself. Treating ailments you experience is fine, the problem is when you do not address the underlying issues. In holistic practices, the practitioner works with the patient’s individual health needs and proscribes whole body treatment plans that target areas that are contributing to poor health.

What I Have Learned

For me, as a I writer, I’m always having to learn new things so that I can clearly explain it to others. I have been very fortunate to read about holistic practices and learn about them so that I can explain to other readers the importance of these treatments. Understanding what a whole body approach to health is, has caused me to look at my own health needs differently. What a great opportunity I have had working with Virginia at Holistic Splendour.

I’m very excited to see her practice continue to grow as she works to meet the health needs of her patients. It is also such an honor to be a part of writing blog posts each week that will help readers out on implementing holistic beauty treatments and healthcare practices.

Holistic Splendour Has Taught Me a Lot