For many months, I worked over at Genebob. This is not the only project I worked on with the owner, but it certainly was one of my favorite places to write. Each week, I was tasked with writing about interesting stuff and things. I really enjoyed the creative outlet that it provided for me, and I know that my time writing for that blog has helped me to develop into a better writer. Not only did the projects help me to develop my style, but Genebob himself has played a huge role in giving me the confidence to pursue a writing career. There is no doubt that I owe a great deal of thanks to him for the hours he spent investing in me.

Genebob’s Vision


The vision that was cast to me in the writing projects for Genebob was to come up with interesting topics and present them in a creative way that would make them for an interesting read. His passions are that people will learn about fun facts regarding the human body and physche in an entertaining way. He always encouraged me to present the information and theories and leave them up to the reader as to how to interpret the information. It was a difficult task to write about these subjects and leave the reader with a question that they had to answer for themselves. However, I know that my abilities as a writer grew tremendously through that period of time.

Favorite Posts


While all of the projects I wrote for him gave me an enlightened look on life, there are a few articles that stick out in my mind as being some of my favorite topics.

There is an Earworm in My Head

Just the picture alone of having something called an earworm in my head gave me the creepy crawlies all over my body. Turns out that an earworm is the name of the phenomenon given to having a song stuck in your head. All of us have had that happen at one time or another. You just have that song playing over and over in your mind. It always seems to be the most annoying of songs that get stuck; not the song you really want to have on repeat. I really learned a lot through the research for this project and had a great time writing it.

The Cuteness Factor: A Baby’s Superpower

This concept was one of my favorite pieces for many reasons. I think I got more excited about the idea of the cuteness factor of babies than any other topic I wrote about. This was one of my first subjects that I created all on my own. As I was driving down the road one day, I heard a news story of how two men came into a bank and were in process of robbing the bank. Then a little girl came in with her mother during this frightening scene, and caused both of the men to run out saying they just couldn’t hurt a little girl. This certainly peaked my interest on how a young child saved everyone in the room that day. I really enjoyed writing this piece and showcasing pictures of my own children in the post.

The time I wrote for Genebob gave me great practice and insights into how to start a blog. I’m forever grateful for the time I was able to work there.



Genebob: Your Ultimate Guide to Interesting Stuff and Things
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