I have been writing for Mariah’s Florist for a few months now, and have loved every minute of it. They have florist shops all over France, and each of their locations has a dedicated website that features the different displays of flowers that they sell. One of the reasons I love writing for them so much is that my favorite form of writing is descriptive writing. I really enjoy being able to use beautiful words structures to describe the different bouquets they sell. Anytime I can write creatively, it makes me happy. When I am writing descriptions of the locations and arrangements, there are some things I do to help me with the language.

Building Descriptive Content


Here are a few things to keep in mind when building descriptive content:

1. Visualize- Start by visualizing the item you are trying to describe. If you have the item in front of you, that will not be hard. However, if you are describing a scene or object you are not immediately looking at, then you will need to visualize it in your own mind.

2. Pick Out Characteristics- When you have visualized what needs to be described, pick out some of the characteristics of the object or landscape that you want to feature. If you are writing about a sunset, think about the entire scene. What is the sun doing? How does the overall scene look? Do you have sparkling water, trees set ablaze, or blades of grass painted yellow? Draw the readers attention to the details of what is going on in the scene.

3. Over Describe- You need to put yourself in the reader’s position when describing the object. Tell yourself that they cannot see the item or scene, and over describe what is going on. Don’t assume that the reader has information you haven’t given them.


4. Use a Thesaurus- There is no need to re-invent the wheel in descriptive words. When you are trying to think of the right word to describe a piece of the scene, use a thesaurus for inspiration. Chose a basic word that you think describes the item such as: beautiful, fun, lively, happy, sad, ugly; then use those base words as a search criteria for descriptive words. When you peruse through a collection of words in a thesaurus, then you will find it easier to choose the best descriptive words for your purpose.

With these few tips to enhance your descriptive abilities, you will find that reader’s enjoy your content more and find it captivating. It is my goal to use unexpected language that will make a reader stop and pay attention to what I am saying.

Feel free to leave me a message in the comments with your tips for descriptive writing. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Mariah’s Florist Has Increased my Descriptive Writing Abilities