When I started out on my writing journey, I was given the best opportunity to work with these amazing people over at LifeTricks.com.  It has been such an honor to watch their ideas transform before my eyes. I’ve been told that the idea for the site came about on account of a pancake breakfast; which is where all good ideas are born.

What Are LifeTricks:

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It all started when I was contacted to write tricks for the site. Prior to this contact, I was not familiar with the terms lifetricks, life hacks, or any of the terms to describe tips for life. I felt like it took me forever to wrap my head around the concept of what a trick is versus what a trick is not. After several attempts to create my first trick, I finally got it. A lifetrick, or life hack is a tip you can give others on how to do something in their life.

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Why I Love LifeTricks:


One of the reasons I love LifeTricks.com so much is that we are able to help people in all walks of life. I, myself, am all about finding new and unique ways to make my life simpler. Personally, I have learned many great tips for life from working on this site. Not only have I learned new ways of doing things to make my day to day easier, I’ve also been able to share with others my own personal tips. It has been such a blessing to write for the site.

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Creating a Network:

Another awesome reason I love working for the owners of LifeTricks is that they are constantly working on ways to expand their efforts. It has been such a learning experience for me to see the company grow. Each month, we take on new projects that are all part of expanding the network.

Contributing to the LifeTricks efforts is one of the many places I get to spend my time working. It is such an honor to be a part of this endeavor. I’m so excited to see the owners have dreams and work tirelessly to see them turned into a reality. Their drive is such an inspiration to me.

What is a LifeTrick? The Heart of Life Hacks Revealed
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