I have really enjoyed writing for my clients. It is important to me to work hard and help others fulfill their dreams of having successful websites.

In this series of blog posts, I will write about my adventures with a few of these incredible sites that I have had the privilege of working on. With my more long term projects, I’ve been able to establish wonderful working relationships with my clients. More than simply becoming a content producing machine, I have built relationships with each of these incredible people and worked hard to see success on their sites.

Please feel free to follow me through my journey of being involved with these websites:

Life Tricks -this is a community that is dedicated to share the best tricks for every area of life. No matter who you are and what your interests happen to be, you will find life hacks, life tricks, and life tips that will help you.

GeneBob – at this website, you will read about so many interesting things in regards to the human mind and body. Genebob definitely works to bring you the best in interesting things and stuff.

Phoenix Memorial Gardens -Phoenix Memorial Gardens supplies grieving individuals with urns and other memorial necessities to help those who have lost a loved one deal with their grief.

Love Hope Adventure -all things that happen in the home with relationships are explored on this site. Also, a variety of helpful recipes, DIY projects, and other fun ideas are discussed.

These are a few of the websites that I have worked on extensively. I’m so happy to have amazing clients that work with me and give me so many exciting things to be a part of.

My Adventure in Writing
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