People…I didn’t even want to write about this, but honestly, I can’t help it. Everybody and their grandma has already jumped all over this topic. What I find missing from this conversation is what I’m about to tell you, so I decided it was time I speak up.

20 Minutes of Action = a Really Poor Response

Look, I know that there are a lot of people out there that are spewing a lot of hate towards the father of Brock Turner. He’s not the first person that has handled hearing the news of someone they love raping someone else poorly. He’s not the first person who has refused to believe that someone they care about is capable of doing horrible things.

His attitude towards this situation is the same attitude that many people have taken when it comes to someone they know or love being accused of something heinous. He is clearly in denial that his son raped the poor woman or at the very least, did anything wrong.

His son has a real problem, and so does he. It is a real shame that Brock Turner isn’t being given more time in jail for what he did. It’s completely inexcusable. I’m glad that he will at least be a registered sex offender to alert others.

Come Up With a Plan of Protection From Predators

Here’s the thing, though, just because we all know Brock Turner is a rapist, doesn’t mean we know all the rapists out there. This was his first known offense. There is no telling if he has done this with others or not and they didn’t come forward.

Many, many people are sexually assaulted, raped, and molested without ever coming forward. You don’t know who will or won’t hurt you. That is why I’m urging you to come up with a plan of protection from predators. This is a plan for you and your children.

There is no way in the world for you to know who might come after you or someone you love. That is why I’m encouraging you to implement some of these following steps to protect yourself.

Don’t Walk While Looking at Your Phone

Don't walk around looking at your phone

This is one of the biggest things I see people doing. Everyone always has their heads down, looking at their phones. This makes you a great target for someone looking to hurt you.

While you are walking to your car, you should always be looking around and being alert. This way, you can see any potential threats.

Carry a Weapon of Some Kind

I’m not necessarily talking about getting a concealed carry permit and taking your handgun with you. I know that is not for everyone. However, there are alternatives that you can carry with you to get away from an attacker.

  • Taser – this is a small device that sends off a high voltage shock that is enough to bring a large person to the ground. Some states have restrictions on this, so you want to check that out.
  • Pepper Spray– a small can of pepper spray can be carried on a keychain on your keys or on your belt loop.

Obviously, if you have children, then they need to be aware of these items and know to leave them alone. I know that some people do not want to have weapons with them at all for fear that their kids will get them. You will have to do a lot of education for your kids in order to keep them safe.

Take a Self-Defense Class

I highly recommend taking a self-defense class. Even if you have a taser, pepper spray, or a handgun, it is really helpful to take a class. In a class, you will be given the chance to run through potential scenarios and know how to respond in those situations.

In college, I took a few months of Tae Kwon Do. That class was very helpful to me. It is so important to run through a scenario and figure out how you would handle it.

Know That You Could Become a Victim


Overall, you need to be wise with your decisions. Know that there is a possibility that you or someone you love could become a victim. Don’t think that it could never happen to you. Keep your guard up, make good choices, and always be alert.

There is no way to know what may happen to you. Be prepared in the event that something is to happen to you. Use whatever force necessary to get to safety.

It is also important to teach your children these things. Help them to be aware of dangers and give them actionable things they can do if they are attacked.

Speak Up If You Are a Victim

It is so important that if you are a victim that you speak up about it. I know how easy it is to think that it is just an isolated incident, but know that if you are a victim of a crime like this, you won’t be the last. Be bold- be brave- you can do this.

I hope that you will all do everything you can to be safe. There are no guarantees in life, so be ready for what might come your way.

(Just as a bit of comment about this post. I am in no way suggesting that the victim, in this case, was at fault. I know that there are some people that are putting a lot of blame on her for allowing herself to get drunk- in turn, leading to her rape. It is not her fault that she was raped.)

20 Minutes of Action and What You Need to Do About it
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